Product Details


ORION Brings you chillers made with world-renowned Japanese quality

ORION chillers have a solid reputation and superior reliability among industrial chillers.Production has started in India that inherits quality Japanese manufacturing. We aim to offer this quality along with improved affordability and speedier order fulfillment.

  • High Reliability
  • Makes Replacement
  • Units Shipped
  • Built-in Water
  • Temperature Control

Our chillers is designed with a large water tank for convenient operation.We've adopted a immersion pump design which goes a long way to alleviate bigger troubles such as water leaks,etc. Of course, the primary components are identical to those used in our Japanese manufactured chillers.

A 22% reduction in size compared with our previous models.As the cooling and water pressure performance of these chillers are the same as with ORION's Japanese made models, they can be substituted as is.

Orion has shipped over 200,000 chillers to satisfied customers not only in Japan, but all around the world.

The water tank and pump are built in, so you don't have to deal with troublesome wiring or piping.

HB(Hot Gas Bypass) control gives control precision to ± 1.0 c.