Product Details

Dual channel Chiller for Fiber Laser

Independent water circuits in a single chiller package provide different temp.settings for the oscillator and optical systems.

ORION chillers have a solid reputation and superior reliability among industrial chillers.Production has started in India that inherits quality Japanese manufacturing. We aim to offer this quality along with improved affordability and speedier order fulfillment.

Features :

    Space Saving
  • Avoids the trouble of setting Up 2 Chillers
  • Oscillator AND Optical System Cooling in one package(Individual control from dual tanks and dual pumps.)
  • Only Requires the Maintenance Space of a Single Unit.
  • Easy and Reliable Water Management
  • Copper less Optical System Circuit (Deionized Water Spec.) Standard
  • (SUS Circuit, Lon Exchange Resin, Electrical Conductivity Meter)